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New Music

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IJ, not DJ, Kevin Dees presides over the interactive madness at KIIS-FM, another of Southern California's hit radio giants. Kevin's dad, radio and TV legend Rick Dees, is the major force behind the website that offers streaming media, links to cool partner sites, artist interviews and raging pop culture features. KIIS-FM's site has concert info, contests, and funny public service announcements in the guise of Dee's Tips.


Now sample online the Southern California DJs whose play lists have made and broken bands for over 20 years. KROQ's Jed the Fish, Richard Blade and Rodney on the Roq offer up the top 100 plus songs by the station's favorite bands. News on the site brings you the latest about the Beastie Boys' latest activities, concert dates, and ticket, T-shirt and album giveaways.


Listen to, learn about and buy all styles of music at NetRadio, the website filled with the writings and recommendations of veteran radio programmers. From rock and blues to pop and classical, find stories and songs to keep you musically satisfied for hours. Read the latest about country legend Tammy Wynette's estate, or download samples of big band favorites. Buy CDs too, or tune into Digital One, Australia's number one Internet radio network to check out compilation CDs such as Radio Groove Volume 1 and Radio Havana Volume 1.

Reel Top 40 Radio Repertory
Step back in time to the heyday of American Top 40 Radio with “Uncle Ricky” Irwin. His free site is a rich collection of archived nationwide radio station programming, dating back to an era when small, independent stations broke music into the American Top 40 charts. Reelradio.com represents a historical record for Baby Boomers' high school and college years, and offers a fascinating listening experience. The not-for-profit site offers no items for sale.

Go Ga Ga

Based in Colorado, The Electric Radio Company, Go Ga Ga's parent, brings you free CDs, contests to win cutting-edge Internet radio players such as the Kina, and great original interviews with artists. A newsletter reminds you to visit the site, where you can choose tunes from the top picks in styles ranging from reggae to bluegrass and nearly everything in between.


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