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Old Movies

Alien, the landmark 1979 film, is proof positive that some days you should just stay in bed. Warrant Officer Ripley didn't, and consequently lives through a saga stretching four films ( rumor has it that five is in the works), two hundred fifty years, and two incarnations. Her nemesis through it all is the insect-like Geiger creation simply identified as 'alien'.more info

Austin Powers
When the original "Austin Powers" was released in 1997, it didn't make that great deal of an impression and was never really expected to, but it garnered many positive reviews, had low drop-off box-office rates each week, and became a pop-culture phenomenon once it hit video stores. Now we have "Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me," which will be sure to go down as one of the few sequels to do better financially than its predecessor (if the sold-out crowd I saw it with is any indication). The terms, "Yeah, baby, yeah!" and "let's shag, baby," have been ingrained in most moviegoers' minds due to the original, and when was the last time a movie created its own vernacular, and audiences followed?more info

A Beautiful Mind

A Beautiful Mind is the true life story of John Forbes Nash Jr., a mathematical genius and Nobel Prize winner, who simply wants to think--about theories, about life, about love--if only his own mind would let him do it. A mathematical genius, John Forbes Nash, Jr. made an astonishing discovery early in life and stood on the brink of international acclaim. But his prodigious career was sidetracked by problems that would have broken many men. Nash, however, fought back. He had always been driven by his quest for one truly original idea and never lost sight of that dream. After many years of struggle, he triumphed over tragedy and literally changed the world. The film is inspired by events in the life of John Forbes Nash, Jr., and in part based on the biography A Beautiful Mind, by Sylvia Nasar.more info


In the late 14th century, Scotland's king has died, and left no heir. Ruthless English King Edward I (Patrick McGoohan) seizes the throne, thus demanding the allegiance of the unwilling Scots. William Wallace (Mel Gibson), whose wife Murron (Catherine McCormack) is murdered in retaliation for his opposition to the King, vows to avenge her death--and his father's when William was a boy-- by leading his ragged army of fellow Scots against overwhelming odds and a powerful English army.more info

Collateral Damage
Except for one little twist near the end, "Collateral Damage" offers no surprises. It is the quintessential Arnold Schwarzenegger action flick, right down to the last cliché. It reads more like a "Simpsons" parody of an action movie, rather than an actual action movie. Arnold plays Gordy Brewer, an L.A. firefighter whose wife and son are killed in a terrorist act. Due to diplomacy and red tape, the government is slow in retaliating against the perpetrator, a Colombian guerrilla who goes by the name "El Lobo" ("The Wolf") and whose real identity is known only to ... well, everyone in the FBI, apparently, though he¹s still able to get past airport security pretty easily. Anyway, despite a warning from kindly FBI Agent Phipps (Miguel Sandoval) that he mustn¹t take the law into his own hands, Gordy takes the law into his own hands. He heads for Colombia to find El Lobo (Cliff Curtis) himself, doing so while voice-over narration from his firefighter buddies explains how it¹s impossible to do. But he¹s not gonna take no for an answer! He doesn¹t play by the rules! He¹s a loose cannon! He¹s a one-man wrecking crew! He¹s got nothing left to lose! Whatever!more info

Final Fantasy

Firstly, the animation: the use of realistic CG characters by this movie is good, most of the movement of the animated people was very good except for a bit of problems with speaking and expressions, you can also tell that the animators learned how to make the characters walk as they made the movie, the walk during the first 20 minutes (especially at the beginning) is noticeably stiff. It gets better as the movie wears on though. The detail level of vehicles and scenery is superb, you can even see dust falling as the light streams in a window, this gives you an idea of how detailed it can be.more info

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