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Movie Sites

Our visitors voted 10 BEST movie websites in the world.

Launched in 1998, IFILM has broadened the horizons for independent filmmakers while providing a rapidly growing audience with a wealth of information. The Webby Award-winning site offers reviews of thousands of indy and experimental features, shorts and student films. Many of the films can be viewed. Interviews with filmmakers and features on all facets of the industry, plus Top 20 listings of most viewed and highest rated films are also included. A comprehensive Film Sites section provides links to everything from filmmaking to movie memorabilia.

Greatest Films
Carefully designed for the true film aficionado, this site houses various listings of the greatest films of all time. Lengthy reviews and analysis provide insight into these landmark movies. There's plenty of data and history on the Academy Awards plus comprehensive lists of top box office hits, greatest directors and film quotes. No tabloid news or gossip at this award-winning site that will keep film buffs busy for hours. We also enjoyed the marvelous views of movie posters (they're not for sale).

Hurray for Hollywood, a glamour and glitz site all the way with news, reviews and the latest on celebrity happenings. There are notes on Hollywood premieres plus plenty of photos. You'll also find Liz Smith with her own brand of gossip as well as a database housing film reviews and celebrity bios. The site works well as a fan magazine turned multimedia.


If you're looking for the latest scoop on current films, film.com should meet your needs. The uncluttered site has a long listing and detailed reviews of the current crop of feature films including both large studio and independent features. Reviews, movie news, articles, listings of top grossing films and movie trailers are all readily available. The databank of reviews include plenty of new films and even a few pre-1990 titles.

Movieline Online

Find plenty of news and current film-related info at Movieline magazine's website. Movie World leads to informative interviews while Movie Life offers film related travel, toys and fashion. A quirky favorite is Bad Movies We Love, in the Movies@Home section. Film fans will appreciate easy access to the latest in movies at this handy site.


From the red carpet entrance of the stars to the post-award parties, all the hoopla that surrounds the Academy Awards is captured on Oscar's own comprehensive website. Elegantly displayed, oscar.com gives fans a peek backstage with photos and commentary about the most recent awards presentation. You'll also find plenty of history including long lists of past winners. For anyone longing to hear an acceptance speech one more time, clips are available from the latest show. There's also an Oscar Trivia Challenge and an Oscar Store with memorabilia.


The sleek, easy-to-navigate site from the leading film periodical posts the latest on current films plus insight into upcoming releases. You can also check out reviews of the new video releases. Short Takes provides snippets of the latest news from Hollywood and Features has insightful articles on a variety of film-related topics. You'll also find video interviews and surprisingly minimal advertising.


A highly rated movie mega–site, Reel has all the information you could ever want on the newest film releases including lengthy reviews and ratings. Search a massive catalog of film data by title, actor or director. Feature articles, reviews of the latest in rentals and a link to buying videos and DVDs (from buy.com) highlight this vast site. Movie Showtimes lets you find what’s playing in your neighborhood, and when. Everything is here but the popcorn.

Internet Movie Database
A comprehensive website, imbd.com has data on over 200,000 films and TV titles. Search by title, performers, characters, quotes, bios or plots. Feature stories, film and TV news, recent and upcoming releases, trailers and even celebrity birthdays are all found on this somewhat busy, yet easy-to-navigate site. You can also find a local movie schedule or enter selected films in the My Movies section to find out when they'll be in theaters, on TV or available on video or DVD. Link to Amazon.com (owner of imdb.com) for video and DVD purchases.

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